Walkways & Patios


Cobbled Walkway

About the Project: Installation of cobbled walkway with raised railway sleeper planter and turfed upper lawn

Front Yard Makeover

About the Project: Front yard makeover we removed grass and old paving slabs, rebuilt the wall and steps. To finish we installed wrought iron railings and gate

Indian Sandstone Patio

About the Project: Indian Sandstone patio with raised edging

Indian Sandstone Patio 2

About the Project: Indian Sandstone patio, decorative boarder with retaining wall finished off with natural stone cladding

Ocean Blue Sandstone

About the Project: Removed old limestone clippings and replaced with sandstone patio

Raveena Sandstone

About the Project: Raveena Indian Sandstone, curved wall and steps with wall lighting

Patio & Walkways Sheffield

Adding a new patio area to your home can instantly give you a usable new space, which will not only give you and your family the ability to enjoy time together in your new outside space but will also add value to your home.

Depending on your style and taste there will be a flag to suit, with choices from; Natural stone flagging such as Indian sand stone in a variety of colours, limestone to modern slate, porcelain and granite. We can lay the patio in a variety of styles and designs depending on your requirements.

We can also transform your existing patios and walkways as we offer a lift and rely service and where we can we are happy to re-use and re-cycle your existing materials.

Walkways & Patio Materials

We offer a wide range of ideas for your patio from block paving to resin.

Sandstone Paving

Block Paving




Additional Information

Block Paving

Block paving can be completed in a range of styles and patterns to enhance your home, whether you require a contemporary or a more rustic look, there is a block that will suit your needs and taste from modern straight edge blocks to old fashion styled cobbles.

Block paving is generally low maintenance, however if you have had your existing block paving laid for a number of years it can start to look tired, this can be rectified by cleaning down and sealing.

Resin (Bound)

Resin driveways are becoming more popular and can really add that little bit of difference to your home. It makes excellent driveways, walkways and patio areas, you can choose from a wide range of colours and styles and it provides a smooth finish which is ideal for wheelchair users and children. Resin bound paving is a permeable surface which allows water to drain freely when installed on the correct permeable base.

Resin (Bonded)

Resin bonded is a slightly rougher surface and may not be ideal for a patio area, this can be laid over a suitable existing surface, such as a concrete or tarmac base.

Resin driveways are low maintenance and hardwearing, however just to make you aware it is one of the more expensive materials for drives and patios.